About Us

Agape Samaritan International (ASI) is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit, tax-exempt organization dedicated to sharing the good news of the love and compassion of Jesus Christ through medical missions, evangelism and community development. ASI was formed in 1999 by two dynamic organizations; Agape Medical Missions, which was started by Elizabeth Ashun, an RN in Little Rock, Arkansas, and Samaritan Missions, which was started by Drs. Victor and Nada Owusu in Danville, Virginia. Through a divine connection, the leaders of the two organizations were brought together with one vision to serve the Lord, and enrich the gift of life of the people of Ghana, Africa and the world.

ASI conducted their first Medical Mission to Ghana in June 2000. They provided free medical and dental clinics to the people of Ningo and donated food, clothes, shoes, books and toys to the poor and needy of the community. Since then ASI has traveled to many places in Ghana including Cape Coast, Accra, Asamankese, Kumasi, Takoradi, Akwatia, Tamale, Walawale, Nwaduwa, Bolga, Kubumgu, Tonga, Somanya, and Koforidua to minister and care for the people.

ASI partners with other medical professionals, churches, Christian and secular organizations in medically underserved areas of Ghana to minister to the healthcare and spiritual needs of hurting people. Medical missions are currently conducted on a semi-annual basis; during the Spring and Fall.  During these mission trips, team members visit different areas of Ghana and:

  •   hold wellness clinics
  •   increase awareness of risk factors for local common ailments through educational question-and-answer sessions
  •   provide medical equipment and other healthcare supplies to hospitals and clinics
  •    visit orphanages to provide free dental care, distribute clothing and toys to the children
  •    donate school supplies, toys and food to children
  •    sponsor children from deprived homes to attend school by providing financial resources for needed items such as school uniforms and supplies
  •    visit hospitals and clinics to identify needs that may be meet during the next trip. 

ASI Team members also visit local churches to participate in outreach activities and minister to the elderly, youth, mothers and children.

Shortly after ASI’s first visit to the village of Ningo, the name NINGO took on the meaning “Nations In Need GO!” And with that ASI was given its mandate to “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.” as declared in Mark 16:15.ASI will continue to work towards carrying out its mandate and reaching ALL nations in need to Enrich the Gift of Life.

There is limited access to healthcare outside of Ghana’s large metropolitan areas due to economic hardships as well as other human-engineered and natural forces. The minimal healthcare infrastructure that does exist often runs out of or has no equipment and/or supplies, and lacks the trained personnel necessary to provide even the most basic medical services to the people. As such, ASI solicits your financial support in order to raise the funds needed to purchase medications, healthcare supplies and equip our volunteer team of professionals (doctors, nurses, dentists, optometrists, pharmacists, etc.) who go to freely serve and reach hurting people around the world.