Mission Statement

The Mission of Agape Samaritan International is to share the love of God. This will be accomplished through the provision of first class medical and dental services to the sick; irrespective of ability to pay, by the hands-on approach of building hospitals and clinics in Ghana, Africa and the world.




Agape Samaritan International will become one of the World’s leading life enrichment centers; renewing, rebuilding and revitalizing the spirit, soul and body.




  1. We are committed to serving our clients with love, respect, honor & dignity regardless of socio-economic background.


  1. To provide our clients with high quality medical care services in a Christian environment.


  1. We will minister health and healing to the physical, emotional, and spiritual components of the human body by seeking God’s wisdom, and direction.


  1. We value the full range of human abilities, gifts, and talents and will involve all willing members of the community in our efforts.




Agape Samaritan International’s primary goal is to build a 250-bed medical center for clinical and research purposes in a village called Ningo. This will service the villages in a 20-mile radius, as there is not a medical facility in the vicinity. The local families have donated 35 acres of land to ASI for this purpose.